Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Christmas preparations.

Just a quick update on the other things going on - mainly Christmas.
Christmas is approaching and I have bought or ordered all the Boys presents with the exception of Stocking fillers. My eldest is 11, and like last year he says he doesn't want any surprises for Christmas and can we tell him something that he's getting for Christmas. So we tell him "A Satsuma", or " I can tell you some things that you won't be getting, you won't be getting a Barbie!". But he goes on and on...It's very wearing, and I have now told him I will start taking things back if he keeps asking! And they say women nag....

My husbands birthday was at the end of November, and his Birthday list was rather small. So he always finds it difficult to produce a Christmas list. He often wants stuff that doesn't exist - this year he wants a Guitar tab / chord book for Roy Harper songs. Well I will have to email Mr Harper and ask him to write one, but it won't be in time for this Christmas!. He has a Harley Davidson so there are always a few expensive things on the list.

Talking of things that don't exist, my 6 year old wanted a "Hole in the Wall" kit. "Hole in the Wall" is a TV programme based on a Japanese TV show where contestants dressed in Lycra suits and crash helmets need to position themselves in a particular pose to fit through a hole in a wall that moves towards them, and if they don't pass though the hole they get pushed into a pool of water. I wonder what would the kit comprise of ? Would I have to dig up the living room floor and fit rails along the walls for the wall to travel along? Bless him.

I am some what Mathematically minded so was not pleased to find myself stumped by a Meal bill last night. How can it be so difficult! Mind you the pub calculating the bill in our favour, and returning a "non-refundable" deposit complicated matters!.

My 6 year old has his school play this afternoon, and tomorrow night. He is the lead penguin called Goggles.

I am going to my local sewing group on Saturday. They meet twice a month, I would like to go only once a month as I work fulltime and therefore want to spend weekend time with the family. But Andrew works quite a few Saturdays and I don't even make it once a month. On Saturday it is our pre-Christmas "Faith lunch" - we all take food to share. We usually manage a good spread. I am Vegetarian to will take something for the main course. I will be working on my Mini- Fall Quilt. I need to sandwich it and machine quilt it. I will miss it when it's gone.

It will be the weekend before I manage to find time to make a Christmas wreath for the front door. We collected some Holly and Ivy last weekend and it is sitting on the kitchen table in the trug. I will need to go out again to get more pine cones and berries as you always need lots. Hopefully the florists wire is to hand. You know how sometimes things just merge into the background and only visitors would spot things that you don't, well I am ashamed to say I think the Christmas decorations box has sat in the living room corner by the DVDs all year! I'd better tell Andrew before he wastes time looking for it in the loft!
Whilst I am out I might take another "Ridge and Furrow" picture. The current one was taken December 1st and shows the frosty fields from the top field road taken on my way to work. At the bottom of the village there are a few more furrowed fields and the low afternoon sun that you get at this time of the year casts wonderful shadows. Look out at the weekend!

Next week brings a round of feasting. Tuesday and Wednesday we have departmental meals. Thursday night is the company Christmas party. I haven't been for years, but thought I 'd go as I am now 50. I have to buy something to wear as I have no formal party wear. The party has entertainment which is the other reason I am going - Michael McIntyre, Flawless and the Sugababes. I will drive so I can leave when I want.

I have to work onto 2 days the following week. As we have company over Christmas I am taking the 23rd off to prepare. The 24th is a special day and I don't want to spend it cleaning and changing bed linen.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

I've received a Mini Quilt from my swap partner!

How exciting -

and how beautiful.

Many thanks to Ann from for my quilt, and bag, notebook and chocolates!

Ann is Welsh, now living in France. The Quilt is in lovely muted colours, with an Apple print background, and black and white print border. I am delighted with it.

It's the first ever swap I've done so it's been a great experience, and I am keen to sign up for more. When I've finished mine to send!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Tuesdays sewing efforts.

The front (obviously!)
A close up -
The back - And Rudolph and friends have their borders - Now I need to think about how I am going to quilt my mini quilt.