Saturday, 21 August 2010

ALQS4 and Holidays

Firstly here is a photo of the Quilt I received in the ALQS4.

I'm delighted, it's so free, colourful and just all over beautiful and it's doing a grand job of delighting me every day. It came from Vreni in Singapore - here is Vrenis's blog.
I sent mine to New Zealand - Glenys says she likes it so thats good too.
It's a great way of doing a Quilt Swap, and I will be keeping my eye open for No.5.

The boys have just returned from a camping trip to Scotland. They arrived back late last night to I have yet to see all the photos, and hear all the stories.

Apparently the boys were rather cold at night so when we go to camping in Dorset we will need to take more layers/ bedding.
Fingers crossed for us!

I haven't really done any sewing, complete lethargy has overcome me recently and once I've been to work, I have very little energy left - mental or physical.
I did go out 2 nights this week - to a Morsbags sewing group - I made 3 bags, and to a sewing get-together at someones house. It was good to see everyone after the break.

I had a good book for my Birthday back in March - and as I'm not in the mood to carry on with my machine sewing I'm starting a project from the book. Well I'll probably adapt it as I'm not really one for copying - I like to design my own or at least alter things in some way. But we'll see.

I have got as far as rough cutting out the adhesive bond, I need to find some appropriate fabric in of my stash. Not got very far then!

As I am off next week it is unlikely I will get to the Festival of Quilts, as I will be with the family.