Saturday, 17 July 2010

Chilling out and slowing down.

I haven't posted for a few weeks now.
I had a week off work so I could do the school run and have some me time whilst the boys were at school as my husband went off on his "road trip". I thoroughly enjoyed the time - there was only 1 morning when both the boys wound me up before school. I had a whole week of doing the minimum and thinking just about the minimum. And I realise that in the normal run of things I try to do too much, and it is a strain.
Plus the first week back at work is as usual a real pain and I definately had the back to work glums.

So, I had finished my ALQS4 Quilt - I took down the road to photograph it -

And I have been working on my postage stamp quilt. I will take some time this week to assess the true progress on this quilt - I may be at the 3/4 stage. and I promise I'll share the process with you.

Humm, It's summer here and I can hear scrurrying in the loft. That's bad news. The little blighters wake us up at night. The mouse killer on the right loves it in the loft - but it's difficult getting her down again so I'll rely on the tub on the left.!

I've joined a local Morsbags group which I will go to tomorrow night, and one night this week I will probably meet up with a friend to help her do her Quilt as you go quilt.

I need to finish picking the Black Currants in the garden. Yum yum. We'vealready harvested some and I need to make some jam with the next lot we pick.

Andrew is self employed and does his work around the kids, so now the school summer holidays have started he won't get much (!) work done. He is thinking about taking them camping with a friend later this week. I'll miss them but I'm sure I'll manage to keep entertained in the evenings.

Next Saturday I am meeting up with 2 friends from University who I haven't seen for, I should guess, 15 & 20 years.

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  1. Your quilt is on my list. If it shows up at my end I will be thrilled.