Saturday, 5 March 2011

Postage Stamp Quilt again.

It was a grey and at times drizzly day today, but for most of it I was inside sewing, so all was well!
It was a "Saturday stitchers" meeting where people work on their own projects. For the past 3 meetings I've been working on the hand piecing. But my eyes have been a little tired recently and I thought I'd give them a rest. Last night I looked inside the wardrobe where all my sewing lives and was a bit overwhelmed by the number of projects on the go, but as I am now looking forward I decided to take one and work out what stage I had reached.

Here are the contents of the 2 boxes - strips and sets in various stages
Take the strip sets - cut into 3 inch strips.
Match two strips together - one ending in prints, one in plains, sew down both sides , then cut down the middle.
Iron open.
Match together 2 pairs, then match together 2 sets of four strips.

So at the moment I have 32 blocks of 8 x 17 squares.
So apart from joining two of these together and the attaching the 17th strip I have almost done 16 of the 25 blocks I think need.

I need to work out what size quilt I want to make - the original intention was to do 25 blocks 17" sq - to make the quilt 85" x 85". But I need to just mull that over a for a while.

In the meantime I will continue to sort through any remaining strips sets and strips that I have already cut, and assemble more sets.
I don't have a permanent sewing area set up at the moment - so it may be a while before I can carry on, but I have been spurred on by todays efforts.


  1. It's good to see you sewing again (or maybe you did sew, you just didn't blog about it?). Your postage stamp quilt will be fantastic and BIG! Or maybe you'll make two quilts from all the blocks you have. Cheers

  2. Great see you back quilting again Lynne,l aand love the blocks! I hope life is settling down a little for you and the boys now.................Luv Ann J