Saturday, 24 May 2014


Wow, that was a long break!
Having finished my Postage Stamp Quilt I have been enjoying sleeping under it. Love it!.
Now I am a certain age, I have abandoned my Duvet and have reverted to sheet, blanket and Quilt. When I go away for the weekend my bedding goes with me if the hotel doesn't have anything other than Duvets.

As for what I have been up to - I have passed my Grade 4 Piano exam. I learnt to play piano from age 5 to 9. I stopped when my sister started high school as mum didn't think she would have time to have lessons.
I moved here 9 years ago ( age 46) and Mum gave me the old Piano. I played for enjoyment to start with but last year decided I would do a Grade exam after all, and have spent about 6 - 8 months playing the same 3 Grade 4 pieces. Oh the monotony of it all. I am having a short break and then when the Grade 5 book comes out in July will get it and see if I fancy doing another exam. I don't have to, but it was good having something to aim for, somehow at my age there doesn't seem to be much to aim for, few personal challenges in life.

My eldest boy is doing his GCSEs this year - and will move up to sixth form after the summer. My youngest moves up to high school as well, that will be a big move for him.

So - Sewing.
I have done some more  on my hand sewn Carpenter Star - photo to follow - when I find a cable!

I had a sort out and have reclaimed my sewing room for sewing, and had a good sort through my fabrics and had a creative play a few weeks ago.  I cut through a huge stash of fresh or bright plains - sorted into light medium and dark. That has made a good dent in that pile.
But I also found my Batiks, that I started a long time ago. I bought a few more last ? year. I've just washed them and will start cutting later when they are dry.

The plan -

Initally I was going to do tumbling fish, but then changed my mind. But I have 80 + blocks.

The second thought that I had ages ago was to place each block on a background, which  I may still do.
I have had several ideas - I thought of cutting them up and sewing together again - alternate thin and thick strips, but that may take longer than I want it to. I am wanting maximum impact for minimum time, can't decide whether I should pursue contrast or blending of the colours. The new fabrics I have are mostly paler so may do a colour graduation diagonally across the quilt.

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