Saturday, 9 October 2010

New projects on the go.

Well I have finished stitching the Ikats ( Here's some of the Cats-eyes fabric Joseph said!) to the Indigo fabric, and cut the pieces to size. I've stiffened the pieces slightly by ironing on some medium weight Iron on Vilene. I have come to a bit of a grinding halt, fearfull of messing it up so have put it all to the side for now.

I have been looking at my "Material Obsession 2" book and have fallen in love with this project - Both of these 2 quilts use the same Star block. The first quilt is called Ericas Honesty, by Kathy Doughty, and the second is called Jazz Hands, by Sarah Fielke.

So, another hand piecing project. I was sorting though my fabric stash boxes - trying to find fabric for the Philippa Naylor workshop - more of that in a moment - and to try to repack them more sensibly. I found quite a few brights that aren't destined for any particular project. So I'll use them up doing this. I have a triangular ruler so I am cutting 4" wide strips of freezer paper, then cutting triangles, then folding the triangles in half along each side to make crease lines, and finally cutting the triangles into 3 to make the kite shapes.

I reckon this is a project that I am in no hurry to finish - I can just work my way through my fabrics doing 6's , 12's and some 24's of patches .

I did a workshop with Philippa Naylor, on curved piecing. Here are a few photos of the process.
We used Philippas workshop design, which we traced onto freezer paper, cut out, ironed onto fabric, then cut out the pieces including a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Oh that was good - we used a small rotary cutter and ruler and added the quarter inch as we cut.

Here are all my pieces laid back onto the pattern.

Then she explained how to sew the pieces together.
Here is my pieced design, I have yet to add the 2 borders. I wish I could say I'll do it soon but we have a family holiday coming up and I have a few things to get together!!!!!

And finally a few other photos.

I was nearly late for the workshop as I had to stop and take these pictures.

And here's a squirrel we saw today.

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  1. Wow, that curved piecing looks intriguing! I can't for the life of me piece curved seams! Is there a special secret to it? I also love those MO quilts. That will keep you busy for a while! Have a good week ahead. Vreni