Thursday, 11 March 2010

Another not so productive day!

How annoying it is.

I took the day off as I have a few days to use up before the end of March. I had the delight of taking the little one to school, and picking him up, and in the 6 hours inbetween I had to do a few errands. But I settled down to watch some TV I had missed - I can see it on the internet on the BBC i-player. In theory. We live in a rural location, though we are only 4 miles / 15 minutes from a town. But our internet speed is soooooooooo slowwwwwww. I have told my husband to phone the provider and complain. I was trying to watch a programme but it kept saying "insufficient bandwidth". I gave up. So I was fiddling with that whilst I was sewing, and sad to say it, unpicking. So the blocks are not finished.
I have so much stuff in this little spare bedroom I have to pile things on the bed whilst I sew. So having enjoyed the clear floor space today I thought I would have to put these boxes of stuff away. In order to do that I have taken a few things out of the wardrobe and stuffed them in my husbands wardrobe!! Ha ha. He has too many clothes in there, I had to rearrange a few in order to fit the things in. I have a pile of jigsaws in my wardrobe - they may have to go under our bed. I feel in the mood for a BIG chuck out.
At some point I will have to look at my needle position. I have a fairly new machine, with a quarter inch foot, but I can assure you it does not do a quarter inch seam. I did the Fall mini Quilt using strips 1 1/4 inch cut - so in theory 3/4 inch sewn. But they are all less that that. It's not a problem for some things, but I would be best off sorting it out. Preferably before I start the Postage stamp Quilt.
It is now a week and a half since I requested samples from Doughtys. I rang last Friday so see if they had received my email, which they had, and I was told it would be a few days before they would get round to cutting them. So surely any day now....

Unless of course I am on their "black list" should they have one - about 6 years ago I had cause to email them about poor service!

Last Sunday Liam and I went to see the Lambs. It was about 4pm and the late sun threw long shadows over the Ridge and Furrow.

This was a very brave little lamb -we went into the field and it came right up to us and trod on my boot!

And this is Itchy in the box where we usually keep packets of Crisps. It is on the shelves in the Utility room. Cosy.

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