Sunday, 14 March 2010


I am a bit behind with my Kirigami calendar. I have had a few sessions of cutting a number of sheets, and I've nearly caught up. Here is the sheet to cut,
Here it is folded up,

And here is my cut work. Another that would work well for applique,One from February!
Here is one I cut out in Silk Organza, and bonded to another piece of Silk.Quite what I'll do now I don't know!

As it was Mothers day we invited my Mum and Step-dad and my husbands mother over for tea. Here is Liam deep in conversation with Granddad. He has on a Batman hood and cape, he has pushed back the hood and I love how his hair sticks out through one of the holes.


  1. I love cutting out paper patterns. The blue one looks like a motif from Hawaii style quilts. Lovely.

    Happy Mothers day :)

  2. I love the cutouts!! Have not heard of Kiriami before..what is it exactly?