Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Forgot my handbag today. Would have to be a day when I need fuel wouldn't it?. Drove along working out how much I would have to borrow off a friend ( fortunately we have just been paid so most peoples bank accounts are looking good, and we have a cash point on site).
Consequently I go to the Chiropractor without my purse. She told me not to do much sitting - difficult, no, impossible at work. Also impossible to sit with ice pack at work. No Ice pack to hand. Also no money to buy one.
Managed to have a bump when reversing out of the car park. And that's with a reversing sensor!
Drove to work hoping there would be a space in the car park and that I wouldn't have to drive to the overflow car park and get the bus in. Lucky me, got one of the last spaces on site.
Miserable by the time I got into work. Went and wittered on to some friends who promptly hugged me and took me to the cash point and withdrew money to lend me. Phew.
They are only small little annoyances, but sometimes an accumulation of them seem to be enough to tip the balance in my brain from ( I think) easy going to totally pathetic!
Settle down to work and the boss asks how I'm doing with a certain job. It's one I've been trying to do for a while and haven't finished. How annoying, I hate "not delivering" and I feel bad.
The job in question is a biggy, not something I can suddenly finish. For one thing I need his input as he wants me to do it a certain way which he is familiar with and I am not. And even when I understand how to do it it will take a quite a bit of completing.
But I cannot even begin to think about it yet. I have another big job on that needs doing, and if I do it wrong ( like I did last time!), .....well I hate to think. So I need to switch my brain into super efficient mode and check check double check like crazy.

Mini Quilt finished.
Birds "feathered" and hanging sleeve on the back. I have just washed it to remove yellow chalk lines and will take to show and tell tomorrow. I will also take the 2 mini-Quilts that I received - the Fall one from Ann J and the Winter one from Berit.
I have enjoyed doing the swap. It has encouraged me to do something new, and I designed it myself though I found the BlueTit on the Internet - I think it was on Panache Piecing. And I have some new friends.
I have requested a few swatches of plain fabrics from Doughtys of Hereford so I can choose one for my Postage Stamp Quilt. I have cut all the printed strips that I will need.

Very tired tonight so I will turf the boy cat off my bed and try to get an early night. But first I need to put the bread ingredients into the bread machine, and round up tomorrows clothes.
I am too tired to do any Piano practice, even though I have a lesson tomorrow, but I'm a grown up now so she can't tell me off or slap my fingers with a ruler. Finally here is a picture of girl cat Scratchy, she was just meowing, but she looks evil here.

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