Sunday, 6 June 2010

Clamps ideal for stretching out for sandwiching.

In Aldi now, £3.99 for this set - 20 Spring clamps

2 x 210 mm
2 x 160 mm
6 x 108 mm
5 x 86 mm
5 x 63 mm.

OK the baby ones won't be of much use but the others will all do the job.

These are one of Aldis' special offers - available from today. I'm going to buy another pack.
I used someone elses a while back and I can honestly say it the results were very good - nice smooth backing.

Mine will get their first use on the ALQS4 quilt.
I have my final arrangement - I tried to use just the fabrics I've already used in the Pattern sets, but I had to use another dark brown print I have - so I'll use that for binding, or a border.

I've been sewing the spacer strips to the patterned strips. I'll do the seminole method of quilting which is to tack the wadding to the backing, and then sew the strip sets to the wadding, quilting it as I go. So I need to wash my wadding and brown backing fabric then I get to use my new clamps to stretch out the fabrics so I can tack them together.

We went to a wedding yesterday - someone from the local Harley Davidson club. We met up in Market Harborough, attached the ribbons to the bikes and about 14 bikes rode down en masse to Northampton. After a pint of Lemonade we met up with others before riding to the church.
I must say that some car drivers are just mad. If I see a lot of bikes riding together I wait - I don't try to cut into the middle. After being cut up a few times the lead riders obviously decided that on roundabouts the best thing to do would be stop in the road, so any subsequent oncoming cars would have to stop, whilst all the other bikes went through together. And I have to tell you it felt good. I'm not really a "group" person, I'm on the edges of groups rather than being in the middle but I did enjoy it.

The bridemaids wore Harley Davidson colours - Black and Orange!


  1. The clamps look great I shall have to look them out! Cool wedding!

  2. Clamps have so many good uses :) Your quilt is looking great.
    Love the bridesmaids outfits.

  3. Cool bridesmaids!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Lynne and for your lovely comments. Look forward to you stopping by again ;-)

  4. I love weddings that are a bit different! It is great that the couple integrate something in their wedding from their lives :) And the bridesmaid look great.

    Great that you have taken the Process Pledge. Look forward to read more about it in your blog :)