Thursday, 24 June 2010

My finished ALQS4 offering.

Getting there!

I'm in the middle of a very busy couple of weeks so I haven't managed as much sewing or blogging as I would have liked.

The priority last week was to finish the Quilt which I did do on Saturday. I will give it a quick wash, and finish ( see it's not finished really !) hand sewing down the hanging sleeve.

But I am away for the weekend and would like to send off the photos to Kate tonight.

I have been looking at the 21 Quilts loaded so far - have a look if you haven't and have started my "would love" list.

My husband has a Harley Davidson and has wanted to do a "road trip" - well tomorrow he is off. It's not as grand as riding across Amercia as
a) We live in the UK &
b) I can only take a week off work to do the school run instead of him.
He wanted to do Europe but time, money and the sheer practicality of "who gets the kids to and from school if you're off for a fortnight" put the stops on that one.

Perhaps when they're older we could go off together to do it. (Note to Andrew - fit a bigger seat for wife before then).

I am taking the boys to Norfolk to see a friend this weekend - and we will get to the coast at some point.

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