Friday, 9 October 2009

Log Cabin

Whilst researching quilting patterns for my Mum's Quilt I bought a book called Welsh Quilts by Jen Jones. There is a picture in there of a log cabin quilt - bottom left hand corner.

The Quilt is 14 by 16 blocks, I don't know how big the quilt is, and having got my magnifying glass out I counted the strips per block - 10 ? around the central square- that would make the strips teeny tiny 1/2 ? inch wide.

It's a beautiful quilt but would take a long time.

I decided it needed 5 rows per block as in the original to give the interest of the light and dark strips. I cut the strips 1 &1/4" wide to give a 8 &1/4" block. The quilt measures 82 &1/2 " square. I didn't have to buy many fabrics to do this quilt - I had a stash of cream, beige, brown and red already. I just had to buy the Blacks.

This is the second Quilt that I quilted in panels. I did 3 panels - a central 4 by 10, and the 2 sides 3 x 10 blocks. I sandwiched the 3 panels and quilted what I could.
I quilted 5 lines of stitching across the middle of each coloured square. - this is my sketch from when I was playing with Quilting ideas.

Then I joined the panels and quilted over the joins.

Slip stitching the binding on the back was hard work on the eyes as it is a black print.

I love it for the texture in the blocks, the variety of prints really make it.

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