Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Mini Fall Quilt Swap - thoughts.

At last the suspense is over!

I have the name of the recipient-to-be of my handiwork when it's done.

I have looked at her blog, and by golly do I have my work cut out!

Anyway, in the past few days, prior to my discovery this morning, I have been thinking about the mini-quilt.

I would like to learn something new during this process, so as a start I have challenged myself to come up with 10 ideas.

So far -
1. A seminole quilt using fall colours.
2. A trip to Ireland quilt using fall colours.
3. One fairly detailed tree.
4. Naive style trees in various colours.
5. Simplified trees in various colours - shapes really.
6. A Leaf.
7. A selection of Leaves.
8. A Squirrel with it's stash of acorns.
9. A basket of apples.
10. Any block I've always wanted to do using fall colours.

Now I need to dig out all suitable fabrics, and think over it all.

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