Thursday, 8 October 2009

WIP's - UFO's - Unmentionables

Yes I have a few.

At the moment I have a fair number.

1. Snails Trail. Sandwiched. Took on a machine quilting workshop years ago, needs finishing.

2. Blues Gems. Seemed like a good idea at the time. I had a book "Start with Squares" by Martha Thompson. One of her techniques makes "Triangle Gems" from 4 squares of fabric. This is a technique that appeals to me but in reality it was hard work as I had lots of trimming to do. I arranged my Gems into a square with colour graduation from one point to the opposite. My 11 year old wants me to finish it as he likes it.

3. School Houses. I have some, I have more in pieces, and more uncut fabric. Fiddly. May just use what I've done so far as I never had a finished article in mind.

4. 1930's Print Blocks. 42 blocks done. Was going to be a single bed quilt. Will now use them to do baby quilts.

5. A cushion panel from a workshop with Ineke Berlin. One day.

6. Carpenters Star. Very much WIP. Awaiting my reading glasses then I will continue it. It is hand sewing paper pieces. I am using left over prints from my mothers and my sisters quilts.

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