Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Seminole Quilt

I did this Quilt on a workshop at The Bramble Patch. It was a 2 day workshop - about 5 weeks apart. On the first day you made up 4 or 5 sections. In the weeks inbetween the workshops you made up a few more sections, returning with strips and all the rest of the fabric and the wadding to hang up on the wall to arrange all the strips on. It took ALL day to put up the pieced strips, cut other plain strips, and constantly rearrange them until you had a design you liked. Then you pinned the strips to the wadding so you could take it home.
At home I stitched the strips together into groups so that I had about 11 or 15 pieced sets each about 6 inches tall.
I tacked the wadding to the backing and tacked a straight line across the middle.
The method of assembling the Seminole Quilt is to take the 2 middle of the pieced sets, right sides together, and pin them onto the wadding, then stitch. Open up and iron. Take the next 2 strips, one to go towards the top, the other towards the bottom, and pin on the 2 already in place. Stitch. Open up and Iron. Continue working towards the 2 ends.

I enjoyed doing the Seminole Quilt. I think that some of the patterns could be repeated on their own. I also like the method of assembling the quilt and have done this method of sewing strips onto the sandwiched wadding and backing many times since - Pirate Quilt - Batik Quilt - Liams Christmas Quilt.

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