Friday, 21 May 2010


Hmm, just frightened myself by looking at the Quilts on previous Quilt Swaps!
I am using up strips left over from my log cabin quilt.
I have started piecing - it's a seminole quilt I'm working on.
So I need to do some more then think whether it's good enough!

I have suffered all week with my bad back - no doubt due in the main to going to sewing last Saturday and sitting in the chair for so long. So far today it's been quite a lot better, but yesterday I rang the Chiropractor so I'm back there tomorrow. She'll be able to tell what I've been doing!

The weather has been good all week and the forecast for the weekend is promising. Well for my husband it promises torture as he is doing a sponsored run on Sunday - in the heat!. He did 2 miles last night and said it about killed him so I don't know how he'll do 7.

Last year we went up to Derbyshire and stayed at Grindleford. We went on a walk to Eyam. It was so hot we had to get the bus back. We would have rung for a taxi if there hadn't been a bus - it was that hot!. Oh boy did those children moan. Joseph did his usual trick of leaving something somewhere- in this case it was his top in the pub garden, and he only remembered just as the bus was due. Run Joseph!
Once we went to Paris and he left a toy Monkey hanging in a tree in the hotel. We rang the hotel and asked if they could make sure it still spoke English when they sent it back to us. I'm glad to report that it does.
This is the boys playing Conkers, but with Dandelions!

Last week 3 cows strayed from their field into the field that we jointly rent with neighbours to grow our veggies. Here is one of the ladies by our neighbours bean sticks!

and here you can see her rather lovely horns - I was the other side of the fence at this point. Fortunately they did not do any damage - they just nibbled a bit of grass.


There are some more sweet little baby calves up on the top field.

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