Sunday, 16 May 2010

Tchuka Ruma

I wrongly called the game that Liam was playing “Little Goat”. It is in fact “Tchuka Ruma” from Indonesia.
We have a wonderful book “More Mathematical Games and Activities from around the world” by Claudia Zaslavsky. So, Tchuka Ruma.

Draw yourself a row of 5 boxes. Label the last one Ruma.
1. Place 2 beans, counters or coins in each of the 4 blank squares.
Moves are made from left to right.
2.Pick up the counters from any square and drop them, one in each square, in the next few squares ( to the right), including the Ruma. This is called “sewing the seeds”.
If you drop a counter in Ruma and you still have any more counters go back to the first square and continue sewing. You need to plan your moves so that the last counter does not fall into an empty square.
3. After you have dropped the last seed, pick up all seeds in that last square and continue sewing as before. If you last seed falls on Ruma, you may pick up the seeds from any square and sew them. But if the last seed in your hand falls into a square that was empty, you lose the game. You win when all 8 seeds are in the ruma.

This is a game that is easy to play whilst sitting in cafes and the like, but I have to say we haven’t won this yet!

I went to sewing on Saturday, and I made up enough strips for 3 blocks of my Postage Stamp quilt. I am not making up blocks as yet - I am making up small blocks of 3 or 4 strips of squares. When I have enough I will sew them into blocks of 17 strips of squares. I'm doing this to ensure I get the prints spread evenly over all the blocks.

6 hours of sewing wasn't good for my back - the constant sitting gives me pain over my hip and the the top of my right leg. I need to make sure I do all those leg stretches I'm supossed to be doing.

Today I went to pick up Josephs new bed, and then after he had done his homework we made it up - then we carried on and tidied up the rest of his bedroom. It looks wonderful, and he has his bright Batik quilt on his bed.
The rest of the house needs a bit of tlc, but not tonight.

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