Sunday, 2 May 2010

Outnumbered and useful information

Yes we are one of the many familes in the UK that relate to "Outnumbered."

Todays episode of "it's just like an episode of outnumbered" was when Liam once again (yes, he's done it before) remarked on my pin number. Tell everyone why don't you. So now I have to change it, and that's annoying as being mathematically minded I have a logical number assigned to the card. And now I have to think of another one.

Here is the little do-dah in question. He fell off a scooter in the week - here it is difficult to tell where scab finishes and chocolate sauce starts.
Here he is prior the the profiteroles arrving - he is playing "Little Goat".

This is a Rape field - when I manage to get a good photo of the glow of the yellow I'll be sure to post it.

Now for the usefull information. We went to Birmingham on Sunday and my 12 year old has more useful (!! ??) facts than you could point a stick at.

Did you know that there is LOTS of empty space in atoms, that if you removed all the empty space from all the atoms of all the people on Earth, you could reduce the entire human population, all 6.8 billion of us, to the size of an apple?

surely not!

The other fact he told me was so useful to me I've forgotten it already!