Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Ikat scraps bag.

I have started sewing the Ikat pieces onto this Indigo fabric.
This is possibly the most expensive fabric I have ever bought.
When we were in Kyoto we went to visit an Indigo dyer -the Aizen Kobo Indigo workshop - that Andrew had heard about.
Kenichi does Indigo dyeing, as does my husband who is an artist.
So somehow Andrew had some sort of conversation, despite the language barrier.
I bought several pieces of fabric, this plain hand dyed Indigo, a piece of Shibori fabric, and some smaller pieces. It all came to about £90.
Anyway, here is how far I have got - about a third of the way. I stitch along one edge, then unpick my tackings and remove the papers from behind, and then stitch down the other side.
Here is a bag that I use on a daily basis. It's a good size and I want to make a bag like it.
Some thing like -

I have a pair of handles I took off another woven bag that finally fell to pieces. I loved that bag, it was red.

I am not in a hurry to finish the bag - I am going to Saturday Stitchers this coming Saturday so may get quite a bit done, but no promises.

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