Thursday, 2 September 2010

Japanese Ikat scraps

OK, I have very little functioning brain at the moment - and what I do have is pretty much fully used up at work!

So I have packed away all of my sewing projects in the cupboard, I'm trying to have a bit of a tidy up to feel more on top of things. I can't seem to find enough space in my head to think about the projects I've got on the go.
So here's a little hand sewing to keep me ticking over.

When we went to Japan 6 years ago I bought a pack of scraps - and since then I have had a copy of Quilts Japan that has a few "scrap" projects in it.

I am cutting strips of freezer paper to best fit the scraps I have, I will sew them together in some sort of arrangement then applique to a background, to make a bag.
Here's what I've done so far, they are just pinned onto my board. I have a bit of Plain Indigo, but I will probably have to buy a piece - perhaps from Euro Japan Links-

But enough of planning for now. I'll just sew. Most unlike me.


  1. I love your SCRAPS of fabrics. Blue is my colour anyway. And you've got a good start on that bag. It's going to look fantastic!

  2. The fabrics are all very pretty. The projects from the book look gorgeous.