Monday, 13 September 2010

Multi tasking!

Yes, typing this whilst trying to watch Dexter in another window, whilst trying to block out the noise from Josephs room - the boy is catapult mad. Just told him how annoying it is to hear his shots smacking against the wardrobe ? wall? so fingers crossed I can continue in peace.
It's the sewing group tomorrow night and I'm not actually sure if I have anything in a state to sew! I have pieced my Ikat strips, I do actually have a piece of authentic expensive Indigo fabric I bought whilst in Japan - hey I may as well use it instead of keeping it in the wardrobe, but I need to be sure I know what I'm doing when I cut into it!

I have had 2 very busy weeks at work, and I had a good time away at the weekend but I was very tired and had ended up having 14 hours sleep on Saturday night. I told the boys several times that they were not to wake me up in the morning, and bless them they didn't.
Liam is particularly bad at coming in and waking us up to ask if he can go on the computer or watch TV. He is guaranteed to get a "No" and it amazes me that he hasn't learnt that yet!

OK - I have enough of the expensive Indigo to use for the sides of the bag - I may have to use some other Ikat fabric I bought in Japan for the base so tomorrow I will start to stitch the Ikat strips to the Indigo.

Here are 2 of the wholecloth quilts in the exhibition in Llanidloes.

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