Friday, 10 September 2010

A Quilt Exhibition

Tomorrow is the last day of the Quilt Associations exhibition at the Minerva Arts Centre at Llanidloes.
My mum is picking my boys up from school and taking them back to hers so I can pick them up pronto after work tonight and zoom down the motorway. We are staying at a friends in Hereford tonight, then tomorrow we will do the last hour and a half drive into Wales.
I love the big outdoors and I'm sure I'll wish I was away for longer, but at least I'll finally make it to the Minerva Arts Centre which I've been wanting to do for ages.

Joseph ( 12) asked me "Are we all going to the Quilt Exhibition" and "How long will we be there".
As long as it takes Joseph, take a book to read!

I have done quite a bit of the handsewing I started. All the strips are sewn together so now I need to buy some Indigo fabric for the main body of the bag.
I'll try to post a few photos on sunday when we are back.

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  1. Have fun and enjoy the exhibition. Looking forward to seeing your strips sewn together.