Saturday, 2 January 2010

9.9 miles

We should have walked a few days ago to ward off the cabin fever that has taken over us, and made us snap at each other, but for whatever reason we didn't manage to get out of bed on time until today. And we only managed it today as a friend Paul was coming over.

So here is Liam at the start of the walk -
And at the top of the ridge,

and down, ridge and furrow

the view back up.
Here is Joseph on a Ridge,
and in a furrow,

Ah, now we get to a rather muddy field. The farmer ploughs the whole field, and plants the seeds all over. Walkers have to re-tread the footpath. But this mud is sticky!

Joseph sporting his new Umbrella Hat.

It took us about 5 hours, a measly 2 miles per hour, but flipping marvellous for a 6 year old!

Who's going to sleep well tonight?

Joseph - before tea!

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