Sunday, 3 January 2010

Coventry Cathedral

Today, as is the norm we got up late. Well I got up just after 9, I was first up. The boys soon appeared, Joseph opened up the chickens then went on the computer. Liam settled down to watch TV. I tried to get my little sewing room / spare bedroom / ironing room into some sort of order. For one thing I start work again tomorrow and I wanted to check on the clothes situation, also I needed to sort my fabric boxes - things had got a little messy with things all mixed up. I had to find a few things to send to my Fall mini-quilt partner, and also a FQ to send to someone who won an online Bingo game. I wanted to send a Childrens print FQ as he makes Quilts for his Grandchildren but I have lent that box of fabrics ( Yes- a whole box of novelty prints) to a friend in an attempt to entice her into Quilt making. I may yet find one out of place as the tidying isn't finished yet.

We went out in the afternoon to Coventry.
Coventry was badly bombed in the World War II, including the Cathedral. We went to see the ruins and walked up the 181 steps to the top of the tower. I did more huffing and puffing going up those 181 steps than over the 9.9 miles yesterday.
The new cathedral is one of the newest in the World, opening in 1962.

Now we are watching the last film in the Lord of the rings trilogy. Frodo is about to throw the ring into the fires of Mount Doom.
The end to the film always makes me cry - the bit when Frodo and Bilbo sail off, it's about goodbyes and having lost my sister last year it always gets to me.
There is an episode of Doctor Who that has the same effect - only Doctor Who fans will know what I'm on about - it's the one where the Doctor ( David Tennant) loses Rose to the other parallel universe. For those of you who don't know Doctor Who - it's basically a kids sci-fi series.

I have been given back the Quilt that I made for my sister, her boys don't care for pink. At least it kept her warm for a few years, and she told me how much it meant to her.

Andrew gave me a Kirigami "Fold & Cut- a Day" Calendar for Christmas.
I have cut the first 3, I have an idea of what I want to do with them, I have some Organza in one of my many boxes, I just need time and enough enthusiasm to put enough effort in to do a good job. It involves stitching over raw edges and I haven't done much of that.

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