Sunday, 10 January 2010

New Year, New Project, but old fabric!

Having finished my Mini Quilt, I only have one block I need to make for someone.

I decided to start a new project using some of my stash. I had a sort through of the fabrics over the holidays and came across a Pack of 5" squares that I bought about 18 months ago.
I think the range is called "Freshly squeezed".

I made some 4 patches , I have 30 at the moment as I didn't use the check or diagonal stripe squares.
The colours are what I might describe as bright pastels. I bought a roll of 4" wide strips of "recycled" fabrics a while back and a few of them will go with the 4 patches. I need a more yellowy cream to go with them.

My fabric stash is I guess much like most peoples. Lots of different styles of fabrics which I have collected with the intention of making a Quilt. But do I have enough of any particular style of print ?, I don't think I am particularly confident at mixing types of print.

I have -

Traditional Block Printeds Batiks.
Modern Batiks


A collection of green and Purples - these are some of them - they buzz.

One and a quarter inch wide strips left over from my log cabin quilt - mainly Browns Neutrals Blacks and Reds. I also have a few in Oranges and Green left over from my mini fall quilt.

Organised scraps ( by size)

and a bag of disorganised scraps.

This isn't all of each type ( hardly!), and I have other assorted prints and a whole box of plains.

I like to do traditional quilts, but would like to do more Art Quilts as well.

In UFO corner we have amongst other things -

Pink batik Snails trail -

and about 12 assorted Fossil Fern and Black School house blocks. they are about 7inches wide and I am fed up with doing them!

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