Sunday, 17 January 2010

Yeah!! Got enough for 86 blocks!!!

I cut into the green leaf batik, and found a blue batik and a small piece of a brown batik which I have cut into and I now have 86 blocks arranged.

Most of the blocks you can see are pairs - only 14 of them are singles so Hip Hip Hurray I have enough.

So the plan is to sew them into 9 rows - alternating 10 and 9.
Then the pieced area will be 70 wide by 63 long. Add a 6 inch border all round brings it up to 82 wide by 75 long. The bed is 72 wide and 72 long.
This is one reason I prefer to do my own thing - I made a Jelly Roll Quilt on a workshop and it's too short. I get cold feet at night :( so need a bit of length to it.
So here they are - all boxed up and ready to go out on Tuesday night-

I have only made one Quilt for our bed - the Log Cabin so we really do need another.
In fact quite a few of the Quilts are all in the wrong places at the moment.
Our Super King size Bed Quilt is on the back of the Leather sofa to stop Scratchy from accidentally scratching it whilst she sits there.
So on our bed we have 2 of the Boys - Josephs Scary Quilt which has some glow in the dark skeletons which catch your eye in the dark, and Liams Christmas Quilt.
On the spare bed are 3 Quilts ( it has been cold!) - the Trip to Ireland I made for my sister which has been returned to me, the "short" Jelly Roll Quilt, and on the bottom half for my feet there is Liams Pirate Quilt.
Fortunately the boys still have other Quilts in their rooms.


  1. Well done you, they look wonderful together. Why did your sister give hers back?

  2. She died last January, and the quilt is largely pink, so her two boys don't want it. I am more than happy to have it back, I only wish she had had longer to enjoy it.