Thursday, 21 January 2010

Winter Mini-Quilt Swap and my Batik project.

I have just signed up for the Winter Mini-Quilt swap.
The deadline is quite tight - post by the 1st of March if I need to post abroad, so I'd better start thinking now.

The batik project is causing me a few problems.
Firstly having pieced all 86 blocks I stuck them up on my design wall in my intended seminole design. Admittedly the wall was white and I would use a coloured batik for the inbetween squares, but the planned design just didn't "sing" to me.
During the week I had some of the blocks up on the wall - they were all together with no space between and they were definitely buzzing. But I don't want to just do squares!!!. And if I did do just squares I wouldn't have enough blocks for the quilt - not even enough for a single bed quilt.
So I don't know what to do. Tomorrow I am going to a fabric shop which has a sale on and hope to buy a few batiks to go with my blocks. Then I can think on.
Thoughts for now - perhaps join some blocks, or cut them (!) and sew pieced rectangles somehow. Border them somehow to give them some breathing space.


  1. Hi! I'm Maria, I'm living for few months in Leicester. I'm spanish, so sorry for my mistakes.
    All you've done is grate!!!
    I like very much your blog.
    If you don't mine I'll put it with my favorites blogs in my blog.
    With your batik quilt you've a dificult decision. Perhaps making rectangles around your squares with diferent fabric each square...
    Do you know if there are some shops or pathcwork groups to go?

  2. maria - I don't see how to email you. You can email me on

  3. You could sew them together, do an inner border, do some more batiks as a middle border, then an outer border. Maybe that would bring it up to the size you want?

    I decided to enter the winter mini-quilt swap as well. My fabrics are sitting on my cutting board at the moment. I'm going for whimsy this time round.