Sunday, 24 January 2010

Saturday stitching.

A day of sewing - 10.30 till 4 anyway.

First I shortened Liams curtains. But my disorganised brain has forgotten where I put the curtain hooks so tonight I've put them up with 3 hooks and a clothes peg. He is 6, he hasn't complained but it's so annoying having finally made the effort to shorten them that they still look dreadful.
Feeling virtuous I then started on some other small projects.
First it was a small friendship bag -
Followed by a larger friendship bag. But I hadn't any suitable colour for the quilting so this is as far as it got.
And finally a Morsbag. I just need to sew a label on and finish off all loose ends.

I love this Cockerel fabric - I'm going to keep this bag but I have several chicken-keeping friends who I'm sure would like one of these. I'd also like an Apron in this fabric.

I've had my brain frazzled today by my 6 year old. I foolishly mentioned that I had heard on the news last week of a woman in Spain who was trapped in a lift in her house. I said, mistakenly, that she was trapped for 3 days. It was in fact 8 days. This caught his imagination and he kept on and on about it. He is delightful, but boy can he talk!!!


  1. Those little friendship bags are addictive aren't they!

    Your son sounds as though he is at the never ending questions age - just enjoy him though as they grow up far too quickly!!!....Ann J

  2. Google Translation service says the above means "Will not give up the victory, the winners never give up.". Do I understand this??

  3. I've been getting the same kind of oriental thought sent to mine as well. " Keep on trucking" as they say over here :)
    Your friendship bags are very pretty. I'm going to tackle making a grocery bag in February.

  4. These bags looks fantastic!
    Love the way of thinking of children. They are adorable.