Monday, 1 February 2010

Bag Fest.

Oh I have a cold. I have a thick head, and have struggled on at work. It had better only last a few days else I will have to cancel this weekends arrangements.

I took in a Pomegranite to eat at work, what was I thinking of?. I cut it open and the arrangement of the seeds was quite beautiful, but I was at work and didn't feel I could get out my camera to photograph it. As it was I hacked at it with my sharp knife and squirted the juice all over the desk, the keyboard, my eye.....Never before has my anti-bacterial "Foam Hand Sanitiser" had so much use. It has cleaned up my work area a treat. I am thick-headed tired so I guess I will not be going to sewing tomorrow night.

Last Tuesday I did some more on my Yellow, Black and White bag. I have finished the outer. I need to do the lining - I want pockets in it so need to plan it. And I made a second Cockerel Morsbags bag for someone at work.
I had a few hours on Thursday afternoon and I have made a larger version of the Friendship bag ( Rachels' Friendship bag at I am going to give both the small and larger one to my ex sister in law. And last night I made a 3rd Cockerel Morsbags bag for another friend. Making and giving is good.

Tonight I will drag myself home and try to get an early night. I fancy lying in bed listening to the radio. I have a Pure Evoke 3 Digital Radio that records programmes whilst I am out, and I can listen to them whilst I'm doing the cooking, housework, sewing, or drifting off to sleep. It's great, but I am annoyed that Radio 7 is constantly repeating programmes. What do I pay my Licence Fee for!!!.
But between Radio 4 and Radio 7 there is usually enough to listen to.
Recently I bought and downloaded 100 episodes of Hancocks Half Hour for a small prices of £7.95. Most people say "Oh Yes - the Blood Donor, that's the funniest ", but there are lots of really good episodes. One about the Last Bus home is my favourite so far. My eldest boy is 11, he listens to them - I've been transferring them to his MP3. He likes lots of the (harmless ) "Adult" comedies that are on - Hut 33, Cabin Pressure and the like. We caught some Vinyl Cafe a while back - he has some of those on his MP3 .

I say I want an early night, but you and I both know that won't happen. I have Kids!


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon Lynne. Take good care of yourself!
    Luv..Ann J

  2. Hi Lynne,
    You've got to rest and take care of yourself. Have hot beverages and sew a lot.
    We can meet another day. Don´t worry about this now.

  3. Thanks ladies - glad to say no sneezing today so I am definately on the mend.