Sunday, 21 February 2010

Wookey Hole and Scones.

What a funny name - Wookey!.
Before we went away I said that I had looked at the Wookey Hole website and I thought it was a bit commercial for us. Well I take it all back. We went on Thursday, it was £54 for a family of 4 to get in, which is quite a bit. But it was good. There was a guided tour of the caves, and then quite a lot of other stuff to look at.
I must tell you about the Circus.
There are weekly classes where young people can learn circus skills, and they perform a Circus show at weekends and during the holidays, and they were so good. Really good, supple young people. Megan was on the trapeze swing, and there were 3 girls who performed on the ribbons, amongst other acts. I felt a bit choked during the performanace - it was so good seeing young people performing at a high standard.
Joseph my 11 year old used to say that he wanted to work in a circus when he grew up, which I thought was quite funny as he would never ever have his face painted. Somewhat a pre-requisite for a clown don't you think. I think he is over it now.
This is the mirror maze.
The Glastonbury trip was good - quite a way to go and the B&B was a bit basic. We stayed 3 nights. I can honestly say that it's the only B&B we've ever stayed in where the bed wasn't made whilst we were out. Don't you think that that's lazy? Not recommended.
This is the Abbey ruins.

The day before we came back a friend in our village texted us to say that the snow had descended and even her 4 by 4 had got stuck. Thankfully the roads had cleared by the time we got back on Friday, but more snow is forecasted. My new rear wheel drive car is rubbish in the snow so I'm not looking forward to it. But I have made the most of it by doing some snow dyeing. As blogged by Joan on
The dyed snow ( and fabric) is in the kitchen now - I need to go and check on it. Not enough melted yet.
The boys are back at school tomorrow - last week was half term so it's now back to normality - what ever that is.
My mum and step dad came round for tea toninght, just a bread and butter tea, with Cheese and Courgette scones, and pancakes for pudding. We missed out on pancakes on shrove Tuesday.

I've done a little more to my Mini Quilt - here I am stitching the feeder. I've quilted it all over. I'm not overly impressed with my stippling on the sky, but I am happy with stiching on the snow. I need to bind it and applique the words on. I can start that on Tuesday evening.
One boy in bed, the other is in the shower. I need to check on socks and clean shoes for the little one, then I need to log on to work to do a few things tonight. Hopefully that can coincide with an hour of trashy telly viewing ( Being Human) before bed. I need to go in early tomorrow. I get in early every Monday but tomorrow ideally I need to get in 7.30 ish as I have reports to produce for a meeting that has been bought forward from 2pm to 10.30 am. I am a little concerned that I won't be able to spring out of bed at 6 - 6.15 as my back has been troublesome for a few months and much worse last week. I will have to see a physiotherapist asap. In fact I ought to dig out my health care paperwork tonight.

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  1. so I guess the snow is good for something, snow dyeing. We got more overnight.

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