Thursday, 4 February 2010

Winter Mini-Quilt

I now have decided upon my design for my mini-quilt. We have even less time to do this one than the Fall mini-quilt!

I will try to get it to a stage that I can post a photograph - at the moment it's just in the design stage. I am planning on doing a picture of a Blue Tit or a Great Tit at a feeder. We are fortunate to have lots visit our feeders so can see them everyday. I have found a picture that I can use, and I need to spend a bit of time drawing it out. I am going to do a foundation pieced picture. I will have to use whatever fabrics I have - the bird won't be a problem but I might need to rummage deep down for a suitable "peanut feeder" fabric!.

And I am feeling much much better - no sneezing at all since Tuesday so I am fully operational in body and brain!

We have planned a trip to Glastonbury in the half term. Glastonbury is probably well know now due to the Festival that takes place each year - the biggest green field music and arts festival in the world. However that is in June (it is often muddy) , we are not going for that, we are going for the beautiful countryside and to explore the town and surrounding area.

The towns website - gives a bit of the history. I quote "There are legends of The Isle of Avalon as the place of the dead. A sacred burial ground and later a druidical college. Legends tell us of the arrival of Joseph of Arimathea after the crucifixion of Jesus and as we move into historical times we see the great Benedictine Abbey of Glaston dominating the town.
Through archaeology we can see something of the early history of Glastonbury. The Tor and some of the surrounding land was an island joined to the mainland by a narrow peninsular. The island was surrounded by tidal marshes which gave good natural protection.
In Neolithic times there were people living in Lake Villages near the island but there seem to have been few if any resident inhabitants. The island appears to have been treated as sacred place from the earliest days.
In the middle ages we see Glastonbury emerging as great centre of pilgrimage. The reason for the importance of this small town in a remote part of Somerset was partially the ancient tradition of the Isle of Avalon as a sacred site and partially the Christian history and tradition personified by the great Benedictine Abbey. The heart of the Abbey was the Abbey Church where the choir monks lived a life of prayer complemented by writing, teaching, illuminating manuscripts, caring for the sick and poor and looking after the pilgrims visiting the monastery. These activities were supported by the secular work of the monks, the managing of their land and farms. All this was in turn supported by the town - by the shopkeepers, farmers, craftsmen and professionals of every kind. "

It has so much history - I love the idea of living in a Lake Village. I did a degree in Anthropology many years ago and am interested in Material Culture.

We will be near to Bristol, Bath and Wookey Hole Caves. I'm sure the boys would like to visit the caves. Hmm, just looked at the website - looks a bit "commercial" for my liking.
Whatever we do it will probably be a good 4 days - it'll take about 3 - 4 hours to drive down there so I hope for a fairly early start on the Tuesday.

I will have to get my mini-quilt to a stage that I can take it away with me for hand sewing.


  1. You will enjoy Glastonbury, Lynne its delightful and don't forget the amazing American Quilt Museum isn't that far from Bath :-)........Luv AJ

  2. I've been to Glastonbury. Really enjoyed my visit.

    Looking forward to seeing how your wall hanging turns out.