Monday, 8 February 2010

2 steps forward, 1 step back- unpicker needed!

I thought I would fulfill an obligation to make a "Christmas block". Here are a few photos, I thought it was going rather well....until I put it all together and noticed some squares aren't at the same angle as the others. So unpicking is required...... I'll do that tomorrow night and hopefully will be able to post it to it's new owner soon.

We had a really good Saturday. We had visitors - Maria from Marias' Patch and her husband and daughter ( 8 months old) came over for a walk and for tea. It must be hard work conversing in a foreign language for nearly 5 hours - well done you 2! We enjoyed your company and Jana is absolutely delightful. We hope to see you again before you go back to Spain. Lovely Maria even bought me some FQs - more than generous seeing as she is having difficulty finding fabric shops in Leicester. In fact I really out let Maria loose on my Novelty fabrics box to see if she could use any in a Quilt for Jana.

Tonight Joseph wanted me to download some MP3 tracks. So I purchased 10 tracks and clicked "Download All". It got so far then just hung. So I hit cancel. I am now trying to download just 1 track on it's own, and that is stuck too. Bloody computers, I hate them sometimes. Note that it's MY evening that will be spent trying to download the s*dd*** things, just what I want after a day at work .I want my own time!!!!!!!!
Moan moan moan - and theres a huge wasp flying round the kitchen ceiling. Had one in here yesterday so I have to wonder where they are coming from. We had a moth invasion a while ago, they were Wax Moths living in some of our bee keeping frames that had been left in the utility room. Husband has just got up for a second attempt to catch the wasp. "Grrrr, come on - I'll swat you!" Ah - stunned wasp has been deposited out the front door, as was last nights, so if it is the same one I guess it already knows the way back in!

Boys having fun on Sunday. They've both had a haircut today.
Oh, the single track download has just timed out!!

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  1. Hi Lynne! We really enjoyed spending the afternoon with all of you. You've got a lovely family. We also look forward to seeing you before going back to Spain.