Friday, 5 February 2010

Harley Davidson

I have ordered some Harley Davidson logo fabric from the States ( from ebay) with the intention of making a few Morsbags for some Harley riding friends. Even Harley riders have to do supermarket shopping sometimes. My husband, being a man, doesn't want one and would rather use plastic bags, as he says we need a few to line the waste bin.

My bird no 1 is progressing. I've started the Blue Tit, foundation piecing. Done the head and the tummy so far. I may do a Great Tit as well, I need to draw out the pattern and see what will fit - here is the first sketch - I need to tweak it.
Having let the last Mini-Quilt absorb so many hours of sewing time I need to keep this one under a bit more control.

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