Monday, 15 February 2010

Winter Mini Quilt

Yesterday we went to the Think Tank in Birmingham. It had lots of hands on experiments to do. Here is a picture of the boys concentrating. Quietly. Oh Bliss. Mini- Quilt - I spent two evenings handsewing the Great Tit whilst watching TV. Here he is.

I drew up a plan on paper so I could carefully cut up my remaining blue fabric.

and here is the Blue Tit pinned in it's place.

Some of the seams done, Great tit on it's branch.

Company. This is the sleek handsome boy cat - Itchy.


Now I need to sandwich it, quilt it and add a few details by hand - feet for instance.
But we are going away tomorrow so now I need to sort out the car and do a few other jobs. I am unlikely to be able to participate in Friday night Sew-in as we come back Friday night. But at the weekend I'll be able to carry on.
I have enjoyed piecing these birds - I'll do one to keep.


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  2. It's looking lovely. I would not have the patience to do all the tiny pieces :)