Friday, 19 February 2010

Winter Mini Quilt received.

I am the proud owner of this lovely Winter mini-Quilt from Berit in Norway.
It's a lovely comical deign, Berit has used variegated thread which adds to it's charm.
She has also sent me a Calendar and some tea. Thankyou very much Berit, I love it.
I haven't really ventured into applique quilts - I hope to do so if I can think freely enough .

My work is more controlled, and I would like to do more free spontaneous work. I don't give myself time to play. My quilting time is limited so I feel it all has to count. I get very disapointed if I feel it has been wasted. The last Friday night sew in is a case in point. I steamed ahead, yet it has come to a halt as the initial design wasn't working. So I need to spend more time re-thinking.


  1. Fun looking wall hanging. Love the snowman.

    You really have got to try applique some time. It's fun :)

  2. Funny snowman!
    I'm doing some appliqué now and I enjoy it!